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Greenwich Wood Works

Address1 Friendly Place, Lewisham Road, London SE13 7QS.
ContactJohn Bradley
Telephone0181-694 8449 Fax0181-694 8616
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"Provided it is sympathetic to the characteristics of real wood, more or less anything is possible when furniture is hand-built to order."

So says John Bradley, whose company lovingly builds to order a wide range of furniture in a dazzling variety of styles at his custom-designed workshop, showroom and office complex tucked away behind the beginning of Blackheath Hill.

All cupboard carcasses are made with a solid wood mortice-and-tenon framework with solid wood drawers run on filing cabinet runners: chipboard and melamine are banned. And because every piece of furniture is built to order, the company can make the most of any space without the compromises imposed by standard units.

During 1995 the cost of kitchens--including construction and installation of the furniture and worktops--ranged from 4,700 to 17,800. The average was 9,800, including VAT.

The company has a large collection of unsolicited letters from clients praising their professionalism and workmanship--and expressing the pleasure that their custom-built furniture is bringing them.

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