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The Thames Barrier

The Thames Barrier
AddressUnity Way, Woolwich. Telephone0181-854 1373
Hours Mon-Fri:10:30-17:00   Sat and Sun:10:30-17:30
Car and coach parking (charge payable).
All attractions and toilets accessible for wheelchairs.
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Hailed as one of the seven miracles of the modern world, this mighty feat of engineering is the world's largest movable flood barrier.

The magnificent structure spans 520 metres across the Thames, protecting the upper reaches of London from the very present risk of flooding. Much of the riverside parts of Greenwich would be submerged were it not for its man-controlled power to stem the tides which have in past times wrought havoc on the ancient city.

The history of this aspect of the River Thames is presented through powerful images and vivid sound in a rolling multi-media show played daily at The Thames Barrier Visitors Centre. Situated beside the Barrier on the south bank, the Centre offers visitors a vantage point from which to view the Barrier and an opportunity to relax over a cup of tea and a snack in its modern cafeteria.

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