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The Society for the Meridian
Planetarium at Greenwich

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Misc Registered Charity 802758Chairman: S F Bailey, MBE.
Chairman of the International Committee: Edward K Moss.
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The Society’s objective is to secure the funding for the construction of the world’s first spherical planetarium--the Meridian Cosmosphere--by the Meridian Line in Greenwich.

30 metres high, the main planetarium will have seating for 300 people on a glass floor so that both northern and southern hemispheres may be viewed simultaneously. The Cosmosphere will also include exhibition areas, lecture rooms, a restaurant and shop, and a landscaped roof garden. The outer shell of the structure will glow incandescently--a landmark of world distinction for visitors to our country as they fly into London.

Membership of the Society is open to all on payment of a modest subscription. Members will receive progress reports and may attend the Society’s regular meetings and talks and take part in conducted site visits during construction.

The concept of internationally acclaimed architect Ian Ritchie, the project merits consideration as the prospective centrepiece of the forthcoming celebration of the New Millennium at Greenwich.

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