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The Maritime Trust

Address 2 Greenwich Church Street, London SE10 9BG.
Contact 020 8858 2698
Misc The Maritime Trust is a Registered Charity
No. 268609.
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The aim of the Maritime Trust, founded in 1969 and amalgamated with the Cutty Sark Society in 1989, is to restore, preserve and display to the public historic British ships and to ensure that we do not lose the traditional skills which are needed to look after them.

The Trust is an independent charity and receives no government subsidy--so support from the visiting public is essential if we are to save and continue saving Britainís great maritime heritage for future generations to enjoy.

By visiting the Cutty Sark you are helping to preserve this famous ship. Sometimes you may be able to watch the Trustís shipwrights and riggers working on vital restoration. Any necessary closure of parts of the ship for this purpose are kept to a minimum.

Apart from the Cutty Sark and Gypsy Moth IV, the Trust owns other vessels round the United Kingdom depicting maritime heritage--notably Captain Scottís Discovery in Dundee--and has close links with Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust, Cornish Maritime Trust, Island Trust and Lydia Eva and Mincarlo Charitable Trust.

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