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Greenwich CDA

AddressThe Forum@Greenwich, Trafalgar Road, Greenwich,
London SE10 9EQ.
Phone 020 8269 4880 Fax 020 8269 4899
ContactLorraine Townsend
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Greenwich CDA have the facilities to set up Credit Unions (Credit Unions help members avoid the "debt trap" or loans at very high rates of interest; they are a "people’s bank" set up and run by its members--and are owned and controlled by local people, all of whom are volunteers).

Greenwich CDA also provides free advice to people wishing to set up co-operative and/or community businesses.


  • to encourage local people to take control of their finances by setting up Credit Unions
  • to make it possible for every person living in the London Borough of Greenwich to join a credit union and benefit from its services
  • to provide training in the skills necessary to run a credit union
  • to provide ongoing advice and support to credit unions set up in the Borough.

Members' Benefits

  • Enables members to save regularly
  • Provides members with easily accessible credit at a very low rate of interest
  • All Credit Union loans are insured free of charge
  • Every member of a Credit Union gets no-cost life insurance
  • Every Credit Union carries fidelity bond insurance
  • Credit Unions are regulated by Act of Parliament--therefore Members' money is safe.
  • Every Credit Union member can obtain training in all aspects of Credit Union management and administration--highly transferable skills.


Greenwich CDA was set up in partnership with the London Borough of Greenwich, the Woolwich Development Agency, Training and Enterprise Councils, the European Community, the Industrial Common Ownership Movement and the London Co-operative Development Agency.

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