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Address43 Guildford Grove, Greenwich SE10.
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The Association is dedicated to preserving and promoting awareness of an area of Greenwich known as the Ashburnham Triangle--and to sharing their enthusiasm for and interest in its history, buildings, residents and life.

The Ashburnham Triangle is the area bounded by Greenwich South Street, Blackheath Road and Greenwich High Road. This quiet, residential, terraced set of streets contains some interesting and important features and a special style of vernacular architecture.

An excellent booklet on the Triangle, its history, architecture and residents past and present, has been written by Diana Rimmel B.A. A history graduate of the London School of Economics and former teacher of local history for the Department of Continuing and Community Education at Goldsmiths' College, she has a great fondness for the Ashburnham Triangle, seeing in its buildings the subjects of Victorian and Edwardian history in which she has since specialised and on which she gives lectures.

A labour of love for some twenty years, it contains many line drawings by Tony Lord of notable buildings and is available to UK addresses for £3.50--including packing and postage--from the Secretary of the Association (address as above). Or to addresses outside the United Kingdom for US$ 6 by Visa card authorisation.

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