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Local business surfs the Internet

Local firm of solicitors leads the way

22 August 1996

Room T152 at Lewisham College may one day be regarded as a shrine--the place where the Internet took off for local businesses--thanks to a pioneering initiative spearheaded by Graham Dodd, senior partner and head of commercial development in long-established Blackheath-based solicitors James & Charles Dodd.

For on Thursday, a number of companies--including several PLC’s--were invited by James & Charles Dodd to a hands-on presentation in the College’s Tressillian Building given by Ian Thomas, a consultant who designs World Wide Web pages for the College.

Says Graham Dodd, “One thousand four hundred new corporate and business users are joining the Net every week in Britain alone. We believe that the impact of the Net will be monumental--that it will be as commonplace in business as the fax has become today.

“The response to the idea of a day’s seminar was extremely positive and we are planning further events centred around the Net and developments in technology.”

James & Charles Dodd
18 Tranquil Vale,
Blackeath, London SE3 0AZ.
Telephone: 0181-852 1255
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