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The Jubilee Line Extension puts Greenwich on the map

North Greenwich station on the Jubilee Line lies thirty metres beneath North Greenwich Peninsula and is a major part of one of Europe's largest construction projects. It is by far the biggest of the eleven stations that string along the 10 mile Jubilee Line Extension (JLE) from Green Park to Stratford via Canary Wharf.

JLE benefits:
  • 20,000+ passengers-per-hour capacity
  • the economic regeneration of North Greenwich Peninsula
  • Greenwich to Bond Street in 20 minutes
  • Waterloo to Canary Wharf in 10 minutes
  • Direct access to the Millennium site from anywhere on the tube system
  • Links from North Greenwich to Canning Town, West Ham and Stratford.
  • A major bus network serving such areas as Charlton and Eltham
  • A 1000 space "park-and-ride" facility
North Greenwich station is a huge bath set in a void created by excavating 755,000 cubic metres of muck and 48,000 cubic metres of contaminated material. It is constructed of 68,000 cubic metres of concrete reinforced with 12,000 tons of steel. Canary Wharf Tower would fit inside it one-and-a-half times and still, in the words of a JLE spokesman, "leave room for a party".
Supplied by Graham Cook

As with each of the other stations on the Extension, the design of North Greenwich station was entrusted to an individual London-based architect, resulting in a series of bold and imaginative designs. In the case of North Greenwich-- the "jewel in the Crown"--the design by Architect Will Allsop is of cathedral-like splendour, a vast space suffused with blue and pierced by great diagonal pillars soaring from ground to ceiling.

The Extension--and North Greenwich in particular--have excited universal interest and engineers and civic leaders from around the world have flocked to witness its construction and study the logic that underlies it.

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