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Greenwich Millennium Station

- the underground option

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Spatial Logic, part of Greenwich-based Greenwich Landscape Artists Ltd, has offered a timely solution to the problems presented by the extension of the Docklands Light Railway--the subject of a lengthy seven-year planning process.

Existing plans call for the demolition of the 30 flats of Walrond House and the surrounding shops along Creek Road and Greenwich Church Street in order, claims Spatial Logic, “to pay for the station through redevelopment of the sites”. The company’s plan would avoid this destruction of a living community of residents and businesses--and the related disruption caused by demolition and construction.

Their proposal would also shorten the walking distance between the existing Network SouthEast station and Greenwich Town Centre and provide ready connectivity between this station and the Docklands Light Railway.

Their plan involves siting the Network SouthEast station underground, beneath the grass along Romney Road in front of the Devonport Nurses’ Home, where they claim there is sufficient room for platforms accommodating the new Network SouthEast trains--with the station complex located below Greenwich Market. This would serve both Network SouthEast and the DLR lines and would be about 100 metres by subway from the platforms of either.

Benefits of this scheme include the potential incorporation of two floors of retail space or other profitable development and the incorporation of a great variety of exits to disperse pedestrian flow--for instance directly from the platforms into the National Maritime Museum and the Royal Naval College--an important consideration in view of the 7 million visitors expected in the Millennium year. A further benefit claimed for the scheme is that it would reduce the environmental impact not only during the construction phase but in subsequent operation, which would be almost invisible.

The proposal for Greenwich Millennium Station would provide an integrated transport solution with the possibility of the Network SouthEast platforms also acting as a terminus/interchange for the proposed tramway connecting to the festival on Blackwall Peninsula.

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