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Greenwich Community Forum
Millennium Lockout
Historic Greenwich

This evening (16/7/96) the lecture theatre of The Maritime Museum witnessed the alienation of dozens of residents and members of the local business community as they were turned away from Millennium Fallout -- a Public Meeting arranged by the Greenwich Community Forum.

The capacity of the venue chosen for this 'Public Meeting' -- widely advertised by doordrops urging people to ' ...tell friends and neighbours' about it -- was 150.

Why was this venue chosen?

In March, well before the announcement of Greenwich as the national site for the Millennium Celebrations, a meeting called at the Mitre attracted far more than 150 people -- as did the two mid-day GBC meetings at the Trafalgar Tavern, targeted specifically at businesses. At every meeting thus far, speaker after speaker has stressed the importance of getting the local community behind the Millennium project if it is to have a chance of success...
Residents of Greenwich being turned

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