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Bus Priority Proposals in the London Borough of Greenwich
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Due to Greenwich’s popularity as a tourist and visitor destination and its location on the main approach from the south-east of the country to the centre of the capital, traffic has long been a major problem.

Today it has reached crisis proportions, with the prospect of worse to come. Already, the air in West Greenwich--particularly along the main road through the town centre--is among the worst-polluted in London; and surely no one--not least the drivers of cars and lorries through Greenwich--can be unmoved by the obscene daily spectacle of traffic thundering through the small streets of the community.

But what action can be taken, given that the problem cannot simply be dumped elsewhere? After years of sterile debate, punctuated by angry local meetings and street demonstrations, the notion is finally dawning that a serious application of effort, resources and imagination simply has to be made.

The possibilities are limited to a few choices, and permutations of these:
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