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Know your rights

(As published by Greenwich Council Information & Advice Service:
0181-854 8888 ext. 5320 and 5323. Acknowledgements to 'kittiwake').

Local Government (Access to Information) Act 1985

  1. You have the right to attend all meetings of the Council and its Committees and Sub-Committees except where certain types of business defined in the Act are to be discussed in confidence (sections 11A and 100E).

  2. A notice telling you about forthcoming meetings must be on public display at least three days in advance, unless the meeting was called at shorter notice (sections 100A [6] and 100E).

  3. At least three days before the meeting, you can view the agenda, reports to be presented and relevant Council documents, unless these were issued at shorter notice (section 100B).

  4. After the meeting, a copy of the agendas and minutes of proceedings are available for public inspection for six years. These are stored at Woodlands local history library.

  5. Copies of documents on which agenda reports are based (background papers) are listed at the end of each report and are available for inspection by appointment for four years after the meeting. These can be copied on payment of a reasonable fee (section 100D [2]).

  6. If during the meeting you are asked to leave you must be told why and later you can read a summary of what was decided (section 100A [5]).

  7. The Council should take account of the needs of disabled people and the ethnic minority community. The Council is usually able to provide a translated, braille or large print copy of documents listed above, if given reasonable advance notice. Meetings are usually held in the Town Hall which is wheelchair accessible with good lighting and an induction loop hearing system for the hard of hearing. Other locations are generally wheelchair accessible.

  8. The following documents can be inspected at Woolwich library during normal opening hours and at the Council's information offices during office hours (section 100G).

    1. The name and address of every member of the Council and the Ward or Division which he/she represents.

    2. The name and address of every member of each Committee or Sub-Committee of the Council.

    3. A list of all powers delegated by the Council to Officers (except powers delegated for a period less than six months). The list specifies the Officer concerned.

    4. A schedule of other rights to inspect Council documents as specified by the Secretary of State for the Environment.

    5. Declarations of interest of Councillors and Co-opted members of the Council Committees and Sub-Committees.

    6. The Council's Standing Orders which control procedure at meetings and in relation to contracts.

    7. A list of those types of business where the public can be excluded from the meeting.

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