These pages, devoted to the major issues that Greenwich, UK, is currently addressing, seek to keep you up to date with the latest developments.

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Because of its special character and circumstances--not the least of which are its size and great diversity--Greenwich faces perhaps more than its share of challenges. The impact of the preparations for the forthcoming Millennium celebrations will doubtless increase these--but at the same time offers a positive way forward.

It certainly offers a unique opportunity for everyone to focus on them, debate them, form opinions and express them.


03 February 1997:
Greenwich Business Club meeting on Feb 20th
31 October 1996:
Millennium Exhibition planning application submitted to Greenwich Council
17 October 1996:
Greenwich Business Club meeting on Nov 6th: Good news after months of trying!
11 September 1996:
Greenwich Business Club: Third Meeting
22 August 1996:
Local business surfs the Internet
August 1996:
Lorry Ban: An interim report by The Greenwich Society
August 1996:
The Jubilee Line extension puts Greenwich on the map
22 July 1996:
Work begins on the Greenwich Millennium Site
16 July 1996:
Greenwich Community Forum - Millenium Lockout
10 July 1996:
Funding sought for planned Royal Arsenal Heritage Centre
19 June 1996:
A Word From Virginia Bottomley
18 June 1996:
Millennium Go-Ahead - OFFICIAL!
30 April 1996:
Lorry Ban to Go Ahead
29 April 1996:
Thames Riverbus Concept Resurrected
17 April 1996:
Greenwich Business Club: Inaugural Meeting

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Greenwich Millennium Station -- the underground option
The Meridian Planetarium’s “Cosmosphere”

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The Feathers Project
Have you heard about the Greenwich Card?

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Mr Nick Raynsford, Labour MP for Greenwich
Local Government - Know your rights

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