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Vietnamese Restaurant

Address16 Nelson Road, Greenwich SE10 9ER.
Telephone 020 8853 0414
Hours Daily 12:00--23.30
(Sundays until 23:00).
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Please note: Following the temporary closure of the Tai Won Mein, this restaurant has been turned into a low-cost, fast food noodlery--although dishes from its grander days may also be ordered.

This restaurant has enjoyed enormous success from day one through the simple expedient of offering exceptional value for money. So successful, in fact, that it has spawned a facsimile--the Vietnam Restaurant round the corner in King William Walk--and last year the Noodles Shop in Greenwich Church Street by the Cutty Sark. All three flourish.

A la carte there is for sure, but many opt for one of about eight set menus. Masses of varied, competently cooked food for around £12 per head. On arrival, youíre offered some sweet íní dry roast peanuts and simulation colour-etched ivory chop-sticks to fiddle with or practice your scissors technique--while you agonise over choices.

A typical collation of starters might include crispy seaweed, spring rolls with crisp, cool lettuce leaves and a piquant dip, chicken pieces with satay sauce and squares of hot prawn toast, coated with sesame seeds; followed by crispy duck with rice wafers you soften in large bowls of boiling water; and three or four main dishes with rice; topped off with toffee apple...

Thereís a satisfying set lunch offered during the week for around £6 [minimum two]. Youíre warned--go there hungry...and if youíre not driving, try a half-bottle of hot sake, brought stylishly to your table swaddled in linen and immersed in an ice-bucket of scalding water.

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