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Café Sol

Address13 Nelson Road, Greenwich SE10 9JB.
Telephone 020 8853 4385
Hours(Sep--Apr) 12:00--15:00; 18:00 until late...
(May--Aug) 12:00 until late...
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The premises of the Café Sol have had a chequered history--starting as an outlet for Burtonís Tailoring, then a restaurant called Brandies (excellent moules marinières!)--and finally becoming what it is today, a Mexican restaurant. It gets quite lively in the evening--its walk-in bar packed with diners quaffing flagons of Marguerita while awaiting tables.

Nachos con queso, guacamole, refried beans--and the usual Mexican main dish choices, with a few English options (omelettes and steaks). The Margueritas are good, though--served the classic way in shallow glasses rimmed with salt!

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