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Tandoori Restaurant

Address10 Greenwich Church Street, Greenwich SE10 9BJ.
Telephone 020 8858 1500 Fax 020 8858 6790
Contact Dev or Felix
Hours12:00--14.30; 18:00--23:30. Sunday buffet until 18:00.
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Choose the ground floor for a somewhat formal setting--or go downstairs to the catacomb-like cellar, with seating areas through low arches, heavy, dark wood beams and Nelsonic paintings on the walls. Excellent, unfussy service from friendly Nepalese staff. A good range of dishes with a Nepalese emphasis. A choice of excellent breads and poppadoms, freshly baked in the house tandoori, great pickles and chutneys--but an indifferent selection of drink. This is one of Greenwich’s firm favourites--and rightly so. Efficient take-away service--and free local delivery.

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