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The Tolly

Address52 Royal Hill, Greenwich SE10.
Telephone 020 8692 2996
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Officially the Richard I, but known by everyone locally as the Tolly (from bygone days when Tolly Cobbold ales were served there). Well kept Youngs sustains the loyalty of its mainly locally resident patrons--as well, one suspects, the total absence of recorded music and fruit machines. A plain wood floor and two bars lead to the rear garden where barbecued steaks are offered in the summer months. Bar food is served at lunchtime year-round.

The Tolly stands beside the former Fox and Hounds, a few doors along from the Prince Albert. Local lore has it that a former barman at the Tolly, somewhat disorientated after spending his day off carousing in the Fox, called the cab firm in Peckham which he regularly used when visiting his girlfriend there. The driver duly presented himself at the Fox, spent several minutes helping our man into the rear of his car, only to discover that his destination was the Tolly next door.

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