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Crowders Bar & Restaurant

at Greenwich Theatre

AddressCrooms Hill, Greenwich.Telephone0181-858 1318
HoursMon-Fri: 12.00-15.00; 18.00-23.00 Sat: 12.00-23.00 Sun: 12.00-14.30.
Available evenings for private parties and special events.
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Located inside Greenwich Theatre, Crowders Bar offers an original venue to meet friends or while away an hour or so before curtain up. Its multi-level, brick-lined interior offers good seating--and there’s a small stage where jazz is played most Sundays.

The Bar offers light and strong draught lagers and beers, Guinness and a range of spirits and soft drinks. The restaurant offers a choice of speciality sandwiches during the daytime and a hot and cold menu in the evenings.

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