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Richard Lawrence

Address10 Lillieshall Road, Clapham SW4 0LP.Gallery
Phone0171-720 8466
MiscBorn 1955
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Richard was a founding director of Art in Perpetuity Trust (APT) and helped organise the creation of APTís premises from the former industrial building.

A BA Hons from Wimbledon Art School (1979-1982), he has been Artist in Residence at Bath Festival (1986), Christchurch Mansion, Ipswich (1988) and Margram Park, South Wales (1990).

In 1993 he attended the International Granite Carving Symposium at the Scottish Sculpture Workshop in Aberdeenshire and in 1994 was commissioned for the British Foreign Office building in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

His solo exhibitions include a one-man exhibition in the Old Royal Observatory in Greenwich and his group exhibitions include:
Burlington New Gallery, London W1.
Made in Greenwich, Living Room Gallery, Greenwich, London.
The Woodlands Gallery, London.
The Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries, London W1.
Heads, Hands and Feet, Margram Park, Port Talbot, Wales.
The Human Touch, British Figure Sculpture, Harris Gallery, Preston.
Bath Arts Festival.
Figures in a Garden, Yorkshire Sculpture Park.
New Directions in Sculpture, Blond Fine Art, London.
Contemporary Carving, Plymouth Arts Centre & Touring Exhibition.
His work is featured at the following public exhibitions:
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