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Andrew Carmichael

Address20 Renbold House, Blissett Street,
Greenwich SE10 8UT.
Phone0181-691 1735
MiscBorn: 3 February 1957
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Director and development co-ordinator of Art in Perpetuity Trust (APT), Andrew is an indefatigable fund raiser for the Arts and has acted as consultant for a number of educational and charitable causes. A graduate from with first-class honours from the Department of Visual Art at the University of London Goldsmiths College in 1980, he spent two years at the Royal College of Artís Environmental Media Department. He was an awardee at the British School in Rome in 1991 and won an artist placement with Greenwich Waterfront Development Partnership in 1992.

Andrew has taught at the Lina Garnade foundation course for the unemployed and is an occasional visiting tutor at Ravensbourne, Winchester and Goldsmith. His exhibitions include:
Travelling Light, Swiss/British exchange show, Basle.
Interior States, Henrietta House, London.
ARCO art fair, Madrid.
Galerie Hubert Winter, Vienna.
Galerie Fucares, Madrid.
Mario Flecha Gallery, London.
Aldwych House, London.
Searchlight, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham.
New Contemporaries, IC, London.

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