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Heather Burrell

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After a foundation course at the Nene College of Art and Design in Northampton (1982-83), Heather took a BA Hons Degree Course at Wimbledon School of Art in London (1983-6) and pursued a post-graduate course at the Cyprus School of Art in Paphos (1986-7). She was awarded a prize for the best sculpture at British Artists’ Blacksmiths’ Event at Surrey Docks Farm, London. in 1993.

Her exhibitions include:
Wimbledon Exchange, Middlesex.
Cannizaro Park Sculpture Show.
Morphi Gallery, Cyprus
Ora Gallery, Cyprus
Lemba Studio, Cyprus.
Vic Naylor, London.
Wilson and Gough Gallery, London.
Berkhampstead Town Hall, Herts.

Heather’s public commissions include “Giant Bench” for Nene Valley Housing Project in Peterborough (1994) and “Gateways”--street sculpture for Berkhampstead in Herts--(1994). Both these were commissioned through Commissions East.

Shortlisted works include a sculpture screen for Shell Oil Company (London 1994) and an arch for Boston Memorial Gardens, Boston, Lincs (1995) and her private commissions include a series of bronze maquettes with a Cyprus theme for Oak Lawn Lodge in Wimbledon (1993).

Her forged iron work (1990-1995) is displayed in Matches, Wimbledon; Liberties, London; Wallis (UK and Germany), Boulevard Restaurant, London; and the Conran Shop, London and Paris.

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