Greenwich as it used to be....

A letter home

10th.August 1918.

"My Darling Mother & Dad,
I am writing your weekly letter, I always try to write at least once a week. There will be times when I will not be able to write, as I shall be on my way to Calcutta, which will be six or seven weeks trip and you cannot post letters at sea.

Well mum everything is merry and bright with me. I have got over the grand fever, but still got a rash, but that will wear off as I get acclimatized. I have been ashore here at Naples, which I told you is very pretty, though the place is very poor and full of beggars. All the Roman Catholic countries seem the same, I put it down to the religion. There are plenty of places I shall visit while I am here, which will be six or seven weeks yet. I shall let you know if I get a chance when I am leaving so you will expect any letters before I get to the next port, which will out East. I am pleased I am going to India, what a chance of seeing the world this war has brought for some. I think I have gained twenty years experience more than I should.

Of course mother, I feel home sick now that I am a married man, I never used to before. But how sweet it will be when I come home to find you nursing your grandson. That's trusting the wife pulls through all right, she is strong so she ought. You will have to give her your "wack" of milk. And how is old dad going on? is he still working?, trust he is not sick and also you mother. You are both getting on in years now, how is your home going along, I do like the place in which you live. I wish Mabel would live there it would be better for her health, anywhere that is near you.

I wish I was on Blackheath now in England and it's rain How I miss it, and green Greenwich Park. The weather here is very hot and a lot of English men have been down with fever, I cannot make it out. I have done three years in these conditions. Thank God I am well now, praying you are both the same.

From your most loving and affectionate son Jack."

© Albert W. Gearing

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